High Density Nylon Products

Our revolutionary work with the High-Density Nylon Pressure Shoes has led to many other products being created from this remarkable material for the woodworking industry, the machining and milling industries, and many more. Some recent examples of our achievements include:

The Reverse Profile Bed Plate. In the Moulding Industry, not all profiles are flat on the bottom. With the use of our Aluminum Reverse Profile Bed Plate and our Custom Reverse Profile Nylon Pressure Shoes, even the most intricate 2-sided profiles can be produced with extremely consistent quality results.

Our Cassette Shoe, designed for the industry leading Weinig P1000 machine, and our Nylon Chipbreakers, designed to allow the shoe to be brought extremely close to the cutter head without fear of accidental machine damage on thin or narrow product create faster setups and safer operations. These are just two examples of our innovative solutions and dedication to excellence for the woodworking industry.

Our knowledge and expertise of the capabilities of High-Density Nylon is not limited to just a single industry. Our design and creation of products for the Machining and Milling Industry have led to remarkable improvements in both weight and cost of traditionally non-nylon products. Our new Nylon Vacuum Plates are a great example of this accomplishment,

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